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Juewa Coronary NC

​PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Hight Resistance, No Compromise

​Ideal for Post Delivery Expansion of Stents


  • Special welding of the ultra-thin radiopaque markers
    • for zero scratch on the balloon and extraordinary crossability
  • Tapered tip design
    • for easily passing the stenosis and minimising the vascular trauma
  • Distal hydrophilic coating
    • for smooth access in vascular tortuosity.
  • Broad range of balloon diameter and length
    • to cover all the possible clinical needs

Technical Specifications

 Catheter TypeRapid Exchange
 Proximal Shaft ID2.0F (Ø1. 5-5.0 mm)
 Distal Shaft ID 2.36 - 2.7F (Ø1.5-5.0mm)
 Catheter Working Length 140cm
 Leading Tip Length 1.8 - 2.2 mm (Ø1.5-5.0mm)
 Number of Markers 1 (Ø1.5mm); 2 (Ø1.75-5.0mm)
 Crossing Profile 0.0325” (Ø 3.0 mm)
 Tip to Guidewire Exit Port 25cm
 Coating Hydrophilic (distal tip to guidewire exit port), Hydrophobic (guidewire lumen)
 Nominal Pressure 12 atm
 Rated Burst Pressure 20atm (Ø1.5-4.0 mm); 18atm (Ø4.5-5.0 mm)
 Balloon MaterialNylon
 Balloon Folds 2(Ø 1.5mm); 3(Ø1.75-5.0 mm)
 Balloon Diameters Ø1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75,3.0, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4.0 ,4.5, 5.0 mm
 Balloon Length8,10, 12, 15,18 mm
 Guiding Catheter Compatibility 5F (Ø1.75-4.0 mm), 6F (4.5 - 5.0 mm)

Order Information

Balloon Length (mm)

Balloon Diameter (mm)8101215 18
1.50 C-NC*1508 C-NC*1510
 1.75 C-NC*1708
 2.00  C-NC*2008
 2.50  C-NC*2508
 2.75  C-NC*2708
 3.00 C-NC*3008
 3.25   C-NC*3208
 3.50  C-NC*3508
3.75C-NC*3708 C-NC*3710 C-NC*3712 C-NC*3715 C-NC*3718
4.00  C-NC*4008
 C-NC*4015 C-NC*4018
4.50    C-NC*4508
   C-NC*4515   C-NC*4518

Compliance Chart

Pressure (atm)

 Balloon Diameter (mm) 681012 (NBP)1416 18 (RBP)20 (RBP)2224  26
 1.501.431.451.471.501.521.531.551.571.591.60 1.62
1.75 1.681.701.731.751.771.801.821.841.871.891.92
 3.503.333.393.443.503.563.613.673.72 3.783.833.89
4.00 3.793.863.934. 
 4.50 4.264.344.424.504.584.664.744.824.904.985.06
 5.00 4.704.804.905.005.10 5.205.305.405.495.995.69

NBP (Normal burst pressure), labelled in blue, refers to the pressure required when the balloon is inflated to the standard size.

RBP (Rated burst pressure), labelled in yellow, refers to the maximum pressure that the balloon can bear. Above RBP, there is a risk that the balloon will burst.