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Products Neurovascular Velleda Microcatheter


Navigation in Tortuosity: Easy Delivery for either Stents or Flow Diverters


  • Distal Nitinol Coil Design
    • for long-lasting tip shape retention and bending flexibility
  • 60cm Hydrophilic Coating and PTFE liner
    • for low friction and prolonged use
  • Duo Radiopaque Markers
    • for precise location and measuring
  • Hybrid Braid and Coil Design
    • allows 1:1 torque control and traceability
  • Proximal Braid Design
    • for high blending resistance and an indeflectible lumen

Order Information

REF Working Length (cm) 
 Distal Flexible Zone

Distal OD (F)Proximal OD
Distance between duo markers (cm)
27MC150150103.0  2.70.027 3
 155103.0 2.7 0.027 3
 21MC150 150 102.7 2.3 0.027 3
21MC155155  10 2.7 2.3 0.027 3

....This device is marketed in China and not marketed in the US yet.