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Tarvos Microguidewire

....Steerable Navigation with Precise Torque Control


  • Hypotube Design
    • to Pass 1:1 Torque Control
  • 2cm Tapered Flat-Wire Tip 2cm
    • Soft tip for good shaping, flat wire for better shape retention
  • Platinum/Tungsten Alloy Coil for Fluoroscopic Visualisation
    • 3 cm Visualisation Tip Designed for Aneurysm Surgery
    • 10cm Visualisation Tip Designed for Thrombectomy
  • Hydrophilic Coating
    • Smooth Access in Vascular Tortuosity
  • Customised Grinding Core Wire
    •    for Essential Stability and Pushability

Order Information

REF Working Length(mm)OD(inch/ mm)
 014Reach200200  0.014 / 0.356 Standard
014Reach315 315 0.014 / 0.356 Standard
 014Reach200S200 0.014 / 0.356Soft
 014Reach315S 315 0.014 / 0.356Soft

This device is approved in China and not approved by the US FDA yet.