KAI MedTech

PTFE & FEP material

KAI MedTech uses stable PTFE liners and PTFE mandrels & FEP heat shrink tube in different sizes to meet customers' practical product needs.

PTFE liners and mandrels for catheter design and production

KAI MedTech is committed to providing customers with better quality and more stable catheter products. In the process of designing vascular catheters, we usually need to consider the mechanical characteristics of the catheter liner and mandrel, and the most important factors to be considered are: flexibility, wall thickness, strength and lubricity.

KAI MedTech has tried to use a variety of different materials as liner, when trying PTFE material, found that because of its excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication non-viscosity, and non-toxic, with physiological inert characteristics. It has shown excellent performance in the entire production process, and finally selected it as the material for our catheter design and production.

PTFE liner

PTFE mandrel

PTFE mandrel with liner

The sizes of PTFE liners

According to the different needs of customers, we provide different inside diameter, wall thickness and lengh PTFE liner, and control the tolerance in a very low range.

The sizes of PTFE liners

FEP heat shrink tube

In the production process of the pipe, it is necessary to fuse different materials into a suitable tube body. FEP heat shrink tubes are easy to remove due to their ability to protect the tube body at high temperatures. Therefore, KAI MEDTECH extensively uses FEP heat shrink tubes in the process of catheter production.

And depending on the Minimum supply inside diameter and the Full reduced size (including Max inside diameter and Wall thickness), KAI MEDTECH uses FEP heat shrink tubes in different sizes

The sizes of FEP heat shrink tube