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Nitinol Braiding

Nitinol braiding techniques are widely used in the development of implantable device and delivery systems in vascular intervention. Kai MedTech offers both techniques in either components or finished devices upon your request.

KAI MedTech provides repeatable structures with high precision

KAI's braiding technology offers carrier ends ranging from 12 to 96, each with an independent control system to ensure that the production requirements of these braiding structures are met and heated to form the preferred size. We are able to carry out further processing, such as coatings, to meet more specific needs.

Such as:

· Multi-Pitch Braiding
· Z-axis Braiding
· Hook Braiding
· Tubular to Rope Braiding
· Closing End Braiding
· other advanced braiding structures.

Multi-Pitch Braiding

Z-axis Braiding

Spiral Braiding

Hook Braiding

Post-Processing for Implantable Braids

For braidings of various shapes, KAI MEDTECH can also perform post-processing to obtain more specific products, such as Surface treatmentWire connections and Secondary shape settings.

Surface treatment: We can electropolish the surface of the braided products to obtain smooth surface, low roughness and excellent corrosion resistance.

Wire connections: We can process the loose ends of the braided products by welding, bonding, etc., to realize the parallel wire connection of the wire material, or the fusion connection at the wire head, improve the structural stability, while avoiding the damage of blood vessels.

Secondary Shape Settings:

KAI MedTech offers a wide range of secondary shape settings

The Braided Medical Devices list of KAI MedTech:

·Braided Stents-Neuro & Heart Implants

·Blocking Devices

·Retrieval Devices

·Embolic Protection Devices

·Middle Layer of Catheters


The materials used in the braiding device will affect the performance of the braiding machinery. KAI MedTech uses different wires in its medical braiding applications, such as:  

·Nitinol Wire  ·MP35N Wire  ·DFT Wire